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TRS Hand Safety Extensions
Never put your hands or fingers in an area where they could get injured
Every day in many industries, people are sustaining hand and finger injuries that are preventable. Using the correct safety device should be an essential part of everyday life. If you are working in areas where objects could hit you on the head, you would wear a hard hat. If your eyes are at risk from foreign objects or wind blown particles, you would wear safety glasses.
Think about your hands in the same way! Be sure to keep them safe and out of harms way, be sure to use the TRS Hand Safety Extension; don't take risks with your hands.
375mm and 850mm Available

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Rigging Lofts 

For Hire or Sale - Empty or Fully Kitted

Offshore or Onshore 






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Security Policy Update:-

We have recently reviewed and updated our security policy. One of the changes is the way our customer login. We will no longer permit one credential for a group of users. Instead, each user will have their own individual login details. This change is necessary with the recent introduction of numerous new features to our customer portal.

We appreciate for your patience and understanding.

The Rigging Shed Team.

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